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Nurse Retention: Case Study on How to Re-engage Veteran Health Care Workers
21.09.2016 / 2 / OleshkoV  /
How do hospital leaders retain experienced nurses who are essential to sustaining high quality health care outcomes?

This is the story of how Vidant Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina created a cost effective program that re-energizes its highest performing nurses to extend their careers in the hospital system.

Nurse leaders in this rural health care system recognize that an aging nursing workforce threatens their ability to grow. But since launching this three-day program, they’ve seen incredible returns in the retention of their veteran nursing workforce. Could you adapt some of these ideas to your organization?

Dr. David DeLong is an author, keynote speaker and consultant who is a nationally recognized expert on implementing skills gap solutions, and addressing other challenges of an aging, changing workforce. He is president of Smart Workforce Strategies and also a research fellow at the MIT AgeLab.
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